July editing

I like to keep track of what I get rid of.

Maybe it's odd but there are some of reasons behind it:

1. Sometimes I have doubts if I have given something away.
This way I know if it's just MIA in my closet or if I gave it away.

2. I get edit remorse, which is why I take pictures of
flaws the garment had and which is also why I write why it 
was given away.

That way, there is no space for remorse.

For example, this pair of shoes from Bershka (Zara's little sister).
I bought them about 4 years ago, never used them much.
They were purchased on a trip to Valencia, Spain - I love
them but they have deteriorated rather quickly. 
They have been taken to the cobbler twice and
they just do not look good anymore.

I have another pair of shoes leaving, these are over ten years old.
They are truly vintage now, its a pair of Skechers - for which I use to work for.
These have walked the world with me, but just do not fit my life style anymore.
I now prefer less bulkier walking shoes, however they are as comfortable
as the first day I got them :) so I am passing them on.

Then there's my leather sandals purchased in Barcelona a few years ago.
I have only worn them twice on the blog. I love them but they are too big.
I took them to the cobbler with hopes of having the back tightened 
and it did not work.
However I passed them on to a friend who will wear them to death.

A suit, a ten year old Point Zero grey suit.
I took it with me to a trip recently only to realize in the
worst way possible that it was time to let go.
The fabric does not look well, there is a tiny stain on the pants,
the blazer seems a bit big and a shoulder pad is 
missing (it's inside the jacket).
Also the trousers are really low cut.

A houndstooth top from Divided by H&M.
Fabric is really thin and it sticks to the skin which makes me look bulkier
and there is a tiny hole in the front of this top.

A bright green top by Polo Jeans Co.
It's a little tight, too low cut and I just don't wear it enough -
and when I do, I am not comfortable in it.

A fuchsia cardigan by Fever.
It's not worn enough and I have never really been able to style it 
to its utmost potential.
Hopefully somebody else will.

Lu by Lolita grey and blue striped shirt.
It was a birthday gift from many years ago, I have worn it 3 times in 3 years.
Too long for my frame, the boatneck stretches throughout the day.
I am never quite comfortable in it, so off it goes.

My Zara black pullover, it was a gift too.
Worn 7 times on the blog, the last time I found a tiny hole in the front of it.
Also, the color was not that black anymore.

Red Volar top was too a gift.
The top was not my style but I still tried it, did not love it as 
I tugged on it all day even though I was wearing a tank top underneath. 
It's just not me.

Nine West flip flops worn to death - or at least over 23 times.
This was probably my most expensive pair of flip flops ever, 
I paid about 20.00 USD 
for them which for me is too much for flip flops, they were worth every penny.
I am letting them go because I keep grabbing them and they look really bad.
Also taking a hike is this black beaded necklace.
I realize that I have better looking black necklaces and it's time I use them.

So, that's it - my July edits add up to 80 items so far year to date...


Dr. Da said...

all good edits!

LOLA FINN said...

Hello dear :)
Thank you sooooo much for your wonderfull compliment! :)
xoxo Lola

Kim (A Very Sweet Blog) said...

lorena you're good! hahaha i put the stuff in a bag and say adios to it!

Mica said...

Good pieces to get rid of - although some of them are so lovely, it makes sense that if you do not enjoy wearing them you should let them go.

Kristen said...

One of my favorite features of your blog! I love that you share with us what you edit, and especially why. I actually feel less guilty about tossing worn or damaged items because I've been watching you do it for so long.

Lisa said...

This is a great idea and I wish I had done this when I purged my closet recently. You gave some great reasons to document what you edit! I think I'm going to start doing this!

Elegance Personified said...

I always love seeing your closet edits. It's incredible because just in the post previous to this you wore that Zara pullover and the long black beaded necklace. I would have scooped both up, if we were neighbors. ;-) I agree about all the other items except the suit. I think that could have been salvaged.