Looked right

I did not realize this outfit looked so bad - 
until I uploaded the pictures.

DKNY Boyfriend jeans - Guess burgundy tank top - Green striped jacket George - Vintage scarf - Zara blue moccasins - Michael Kors black bag 

I should probably label this one "do not wear again".
I can only say that:
It looked SO RIGHT in my head...


Cool Vanity said...

A mi me pasa a veces que me monto un look en la cabeza y lo pongo convencida y cuando me veo en las fotos tengoo una imagen distinta a la que yo imaginé. Bsinos.

Sheila said...

I think it's the dark top under the light-coloured blazer - put a lighter top with this, and it would be fine. The dark top hits you at an unflattering spot on your hips, and it doesn't work with the blazer (which is really cool).

I love the cuffed jeans!

Dale Janeé said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. I love that blazer and the neon is so hot right now. Yea, I think with a plain solid top under it would be perfect and maybe a neutral flat and purse for spring you'd love it. That happens all the time where something looks good in my head and then I realize when I look, maybe not. hehe Great post


Anonymous said...

I like the scarf...if that is any consolation.

Emma said...

I really Like this look! Especially that blazer!