Showing up

Sometimes you show up to work, 
well, just because you have to :)

Levis Jeans - Orange shirt Sawary - George turquoise velvet jacket - Anne Klein animal print flats - Michael Kors black bag

Today is one of those days.

The truth is I would rather be elsewhere.


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas Lore..el naranja te quedo tan lindo!!!

Sheila said...

I hear ya - I have those days too.

I LOVE this colour combination, Lorena! You look amazing in this marigold yellow-orange, and the turquoise looks amazing with it.

Anonymous said...

You're cracking me up in these photos! I love these colors together too! So vibrant!

Claire Vázquez said...

Hola guapa!! que tal? perdona por tardar en contestar, estoy super hasta arriba! disculpa!
el post me ha encantado...el look y esos pendientes quedan super elegantes!!
Espero leerte de nuevo pronto!
Un besito;Claire.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love the rich mix of the colours.
Cheer up - your are on your way to a great new career.
The phone I confiscated by the way wasn't one of my students but my daughters.
I got a phone call form school to say she had it out in lessons.
Naughty girl.


Un look muy alegre para ir al trabajo :)


Katha Strophe said...

I love the colour combination so much... and sometimes I have days like this too.

La Mary said...

Que color tan bonito el de la chaqueta, queda divina con el contraste de la blusa.

drollgirl said...

you and me both! work is such a time suck! and it is generally annoying! lol

but love the color combo. you look super. :)

Style Sud-Est said...

I know what you mean! Will to go to work soon, end of sick leave and my condition improved just a bit so i do not want to go back!

Love, love your jacket it is divine


LyddieGal said...

Haha, yes, we were totally blazer twins! Even the color combos are similar - too funny!

Carla said...

I felt the same way this morning! Glad it's friday!!
great colors btw!

Kristen said...

Sorry the day was so rough, but I loved the outfit! That orange is just great, especially with the bright blue.

Bombshellicious said...

Gorgeous necklace xx

Meli22 said...

this blazer is fab. love the color combo- makes me want to do a similar combo, maybe light gold and bright blue :)