Houndstooth on houndstooth

This week has been all about houndstooth.
SO why not wear houndstooth on houndstooth ?

Levis Jeans - Divided H&M houndstooth top - George black cardigan - Houndstooth scarf -
Michael Kors black bag - Beige flats Zapatinho de Luxo

Esta semana fué dedicada al diseño de pata de gallo.
Así que porqué no usar pata de gallo sobre pata de gallo ?


Stacey said...

Looks great together!! I do not own anything houndstooth - strange uh?


Pues te ha quedado muy bien :)


Raquel said...

Genial es un tejido que se está llevando bastante esta temporada!!

La Mary said...

Queda chulisimo!
Feliz finde corazon, besitos.

Melanie said...

Hi Lorena - I immediately thought of you today when I saw a girl wearing a beautiful houndstooth coat. It was a large print, and I normally prefer smaller print houndstooth, but it was gorgeous!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You wear it so well.

Delane said...

I use to own a hounds tooth dress. It was too short so I believe I gave it to goodwill.

Now I wish I had that dress, to wear tomorrow with leggins.

DontLetMeOut by. CrisGuco said...

muy chulooo

Aprovecho para invitarte a pasarte por el mío, nuevo post sobre mi experiencia con algunos de los grandes jugadores del fútbol! No te lo pierdas :)

..... Y si te gusta, nos seguimos?

BESOS! nos leemos ;)

Kristen said...

OOH Love the larger and smaller print together like that. I adore houndstooth so I have enjoyed your week of wearing it!

Elegance Personified said...

Love, love, looooooooooovvvveeeee that scarf. May I have it? Can you ship it to me in Albania? LOL I think it looks great over the same-patterned top. Looks like they are one and the same.

P.S. Love how your posts are bilingual. I can do that too from English to Albanian but there is no need I think LOL. Since Albanian is nowhere near as popular as Spanish.