Nails have become a form of expression 
that cannot be ignored.
I love having nails that stand out.

So when I came across Sally Hansen's Crackle overcoat in 
Antiqued Gold for about 8.00 USD at CVS, 
well I knew I had to buy it -and I did.

Happens I had seen the crackled polishes in many blogs and
magazines including InSTYLE and I had to try it.

I was going to go black - but then the cheery red of the 
season came over me and I ended up with Golden Santa nails.

Plus, its so simple: a coat or two of your favorite polish. Let dry for about 2 minutes and just add one thick coat of Crackle overcoat. That's it !

I love the fact that this Crackle Overcoat dries fast.
You can have salon looking nails with very little effort and combinations 
are endless !

So, have you crackled ?


Adriana said...

They're gorgeous & just so perfect for the holidays!

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MolDiva said...

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La Mary said...

Nena, me encanta los posts estos que sacas con tus uñas!Das muchas ideas.
Besotes corazon!

Emma said...

I LOVE this gold crackle polish! I have the black crackle polish which is pretty basic. I still Love it though. Your nails are so festive for the season. I just Love them!

Alleycat said...

With 2 girls, we have been crackling for a while with white & black crackle. But I like the gold one alot.

Happy holidays!!

Stacey said...

Wow that looks way cool, I have not seen that before, now I MUST have it :) Merry Christmas to you my friend!!

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Looks fab Lorena- I tried it once and it didn't work.
Must try again.
Please visit my blog and check out my Christmas Day competition.
Jane X