Selina's shower

Quite a busy day
that ended with a friend's baby shower.

Voyou Jeans - Black tank top - Rust orange lace shirt Forever 21 - Alas black heels - 
Grey Arena Milano bag 

It was an informal setting so being comfortable
was the my main concern, specially so I could
play all the usual games.

 I did not have to crawl around this time, but I had to be prepared.

Lucky me I only had to eat baby food !


ana said...

Me gusta el look con pelo suelto y los pantalones arremangados ;)
a mi no me gustan los jueguitos del baby shower... en el mío creo que no voy a obligar a jugarlos jeje

Judy C said...

Your outfit is really pretty, especially the red top. I hope you had a good time.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Great style - I love the top.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Lore..buenas tardes!! que sandalinha mas hermosa!! ame siii!! besos linda!!

Anonymous said...

I love shower games!!!