Just moisturizer

Im doing a little experiment, I call it the "make up experiment".
Although now that I think of it, it should be more like 
"the no make up experiment". 

Thought I'd just show up to work sans make up, wearing
only moisturizer. Yep, just plain old colorless moisturizer 
and feel comfortable in my make up free skin.

Turquoise dress (made by Grandma) - Bievel red shoes - Roberto Cavalli black tote

I felt normal. 
Just a little pale but ok, I did not feel I had the need 
to apply anything on my skin during the day. 
Then again these days are irregular as I do not need to 
have contact with customers - (if I did I would not dress like this and would wear make up!)
In my work environment I did get stares but that was all.

How about you ?

Are you make up dependent ?

Have you shown up to work without any make up ?


drollgirl said...

good for you! and you look pretty awesome without makeup!

i am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT dependent on makeup. i feel/look awful without it. blargh! i can hardly look at myself until makeup is on. and once makeup has been applied i feel a lot better. it is pretty insane, but whaddya gonna do.

p.s. sometimes i take a day without makeup. it is good to give the skin a break from all of that junk.

i am 100% certain that i sound like a psycho in this comment! i am digging a deeper hole, here so i should just back away now! lol

Melanie said...

You look beautiful without makeup! Makeup only enhances your natural beauty.

Myself on the other hand.....I am so dependant on makeup. I can't imagine going to work without it.

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

You are simply lovely without makeup! You look even younger than usual. I am not dependent on it, and do take "vacations" from it, but I do like to wear mascara and lipstick most days.

Eleanor said...

I am make up dependent. If nothing else some tinted moisturizer and mascara but most days the "simple" regimen requires foundation, concealer, blush and mascara.
I'm high maintainence. ;)

Kristen said...

I don't go to work without makeup, but mostly it is mascara and blush.

I love that you are wearing bright, fun outfits on your no-makeup days. It makes your skin glow so you don't NEED anything else!