Talking business

This week was totally business oriented as I wrote 
about things we should try to stay away from in order to not only 
be but also look focused, formal and business like.

Levis jeans - Tommy Hilfiger white polo - Brown spadrilles from Spain 

So, I thought I would do a quick wrap up:

1. If going to an event/important meeting do not color your hair the night before. This is for both men and women - you do not need to be remembered  as the person with the crazy hair color.

2. Don't pack the night before, this may lead to overpacking and 
extra heavy luggage - and you must be able to handle your own.

3. Don't be "on time" specially if you are hosting the dinner/event/presentation.
Be early, be there to welcome participants.

4.  Turn the cel phone off. Not only that but don't have it in your hands.
You need to concentrate and pay attention - and you need to look interested and not distracted.

5. Avoid heavy drinking. 
You really don't need to be remembered 
as the one who got sleezy, tried to dance with a post or threw up.

6. Remember why you are there, stay focused.
You are not there as a tourist but conducting business :)

7. Don't have side conversations, the idea of having events in which there are lots of participants is to share, share, share - speak to as many people as possible.  Now, watch out for oversharing ;)

My work week was amazing. Hectic but perfect.
I know it may sound odd, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

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