On Saturdays I walk and I enjoy it.

Brown shorts Dockers - MNG t shirt - Textile handmade necklace from Argentina street market 
 Anne Klein animal print flats- Michael Kors bag - Panama hat

This Saturday I walked a little bit more than usual.
Saturday's walk also allowed me to walk in front of one
 "endangered home".

They are endangered as their biggest predators are real state and land developers who have basically taken upon them to eliminate these huge gorgeous homes one at the time. 

Sometimes they'll take 3 of them down in a week.

This one in particular stands on a corner of an important avenue.
It has been empty for a few years and it use to be a bank.

Even though it is empty, it has been well kept
and sadly it now has a "For Sale" sign on the front lawn.

At this point I just hope it is SO expensive that nobody will buy it.

Or, I just hope a bank owner falls in love with it and turns in into 
a bank again or maybe a small boutique hotel.

Wishful thinking :)


Anonymous said...

What a cool necklace!

I always love the photos of older buildings you post. They're so original, it's a shame they keep disappearing.

Anonymous said...

Those are some gorgeous structures. It's sad that people can't see the beauty in buildings like that. I suppose greed has something to do with it.