Shiny face

I saw these pictures and I realized that I need to go out and 
buy some face powder.

7 For All Mankind Jeans - Da Moda white tank - Forever 21 cardigan kimono - Innovativi shoes - Michael Kors black bag

Got me thinking about all of the face powder brands I have used 
and I cannot begin to tell you !
I've gone from Maja, Cover Girl, Revlon, Avon, MAC, Palladio, Clinique, Smashbox, Stila - you name it.

However, now that I need to go out and buy one.
None of the above are appealing.
I mean they make good products but I am not sure I should
go back to the same or just try something new.

My skin type is (as you can see in pictures) is 
oily - mostly in the t zone.

SO, Marshmallow and I would like to ask :
Is there any particular face powder that 
you have tried  that you can recommend ?


Shybiker said...

The pictures look good. And the outfit is cute.

I've never known how to wear face powder or what to buy; if you learn any more about it, please share. Thanks.

Style Journey said...

well, you look great! would have not noticed if you didn't mention :)

I like Avon Minerals powder and Kayla likes Bare Minerals face powder. It's very light but has good coverage.


Patti said...

Your jewelry is so beautiful, and I did NOT notice your shine! I have recently found "PUR" powders and I love them. I got mine at Ulta.

Angeline said...

I don't see the shine! I'm a drugstore make-up girl, and I really like the L'oreal True Match pressed powder, mainly because it comes in a lot of different colors (I always have a hard time matching my skin tone).

Melanie said...

I don't see the shine, either! I'm a Cover Girl loose power girl.

Also - take comfort in having oily skin. Those will oily skin typically don't wrinkle badly! Something to look forward to when you're older. :)

Angel Garcia said...

Very bohemian! I dig it.. Shiny? Pshh! That is nothing.. If yours is shiny mine is a batch of cooking oil haha..

Love! ~Angel

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I love this look on you, and I think you face looks very glow-y. Pretty.


P.S. I want to squeeze marshmallo:)