Pirate or sailor ?

have been very aware the existence
and meaning of pirates since I can remember.
In my elementary history class there was always an English pirate
attacking our cities.
Old Navy Sweetheart red jeans - Yellow Da Moda t shirt - Striped Exclusive cardigan  -
Nine West gold flats - Blue Zara bag 
Where I live there are several Spanish settlements which 
were attacked by English pirates looking for gold in the 1600s ...
Sometimes the locals were warned and fled with the treasure before
the pirates came thus causing a rage -
making the pirates take it out on whatever stayed behind and they would 
 burn the cities...

Even though the stories don't have a happy ending,
I love hearing them over and over.

Me.... well, I am just a sailor !


Mimi said...

LOL, cute post! Love your sailor look!
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Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola Lore...lindo lo zapatito..un amor..besosss


Judy C said...

I love your outfit. Especially the sweater.


jajajaja, qué chulas las fotos!!! Creo que nunca me cansaré de las rayas ;)


Pop Champagne said...

love your red pants! it's adorable!

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

This post is adorable. I love pirates.