Stuck up

Stuck up.
I hate that word, in fact I have not said it in so long, 
it's almost like I am back in high school.

White shorts Solutions - Nicola Black, white and yellow top - Kenneth Cole Bag


Informal conceited, arrogant, or snobbish
stuck-upness  n

For some reason, that is the first
impression some people get when they meet me - 
and then they have told me about it:
"Oh, I thought you were so stuck up"
happens that those that have said it to me
today are amongst my best friends.

Talk about giving the wrong impression.

How about you ?
What impression do people get when they meet you ?


Judy C said...

I don't think you are stuck up. Maybe you're just a quiet person. Anyway, the outfit rocks.

Judy C said...

Also, you have great dimples.

Kathya Stryzak said...

Lore..mañana un especial amarillo para vos!!

tus´s hermosos...
adore tu camisa !! que alegria..beijosss

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Very pretty outfit Lorena!

Yeah, people get the same impression from me. My best friend used to hate me before she met me because she thought I was full of myself... haha.

Shybiker said...

You have a pretty smile! I like your expressions in both of these photos.

I'm shy so sometimes when people meet me, they project qualities onto me that aren't true. After a while, though, they figure me out.

Anonymous said...

I heard that before about me years ago. What people didn't know what that I didn't smile a lot because I was super self conscious about the large gap in my front teeth I had back then. I had been made fun of a lot for it and just stopped smiling for years.

First impressions are usually wrong, in my opinion.

These are such cute photos of you and Vanilla and Marshmallow!