Product review: Avon's Sunshine

I got this nail polish about a year ago.
Mom sent me about half a dozen nail polishes from Avon 
and SUNSHINE was part of the group.

I had tried all of the other colors but was a not very sure about this one.
You know, it's YELLOW.
Then I came across a few bloggers sporting it on 
their nails and later saw Chanel's Mimosa and L.A. Sunrise.
So when May's In Style featured the lemon color I was convinced.

I ran to the salon and had them done. 
Two coats of color worked the magic, 
although I think 3 coats would look even better and ... 
the best part is that so far 4 and days no chips !


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I love yellow nail polish :) and orange :) Such sunny and happy colours :)

Love, Vanilla

Shybiker said...

Like you, I was apprehensive about the idea of yellow nail-polish but, after seeing it on people, I've decided it can look good. Be bold!

Jan said...

I have recently been using other colours than the usual reds and pinks What fun the other colours are ,and have you trid crackle on top Jan xx

Delane said...

I stll think jauntic when I see yellow polish. I dunno, it's just not for me.

Delane said...

Ugh I meant jaundice.

Iris said...

I wish my mom would send me cool nailpolish but, I can't really complain she give me clothes all the time!