Listography - someday i'll be all caught up !

Listography is an interesting project I vowed to do at the beginning of the year.

It consists on getting to know more about yourself by making lists.

The lists then are posted every Wednesday.

I have been busy and forgetful and then some and
am so behind on the list.

However I am no quitter.

Here are some of my lists on my attempt to catch up.

List your favorite snacks.

- Chocolate
- Cupcakes
- Chocolate chip cookies
-Chinese plums
-Honey crackers
 List why you love your country.

- Weather is almost perfect
- We have ocean, country and hillside all very close by
-It's still affordable - well kind of
- You can still speak your mind - at least for now

List people that make you wonder “where are they now.”

- My Social Studies teacher, Ms Walker - she was so nice.
- My Spanish teacher - I would love to run into him someday.
- Couple of exs....

List your favorite tv dads.

Like I did not have favorite tv moms, well the same was for dads.
No faves here.

 List your summer to do’s.

- Get my spices garden going...!
- Sell my car.
- Do some work around the house.

List your accomplishments from the past year.

I really do not keep count.
Just like I refuse to do any new year's resolutions.
There are things I am glad that I have done but, there is nothing 
that makes me jump with joy.
For this year I have some plans, like fixing up an old home that we have.
But, if I don't do it this year, next year is still good.
The same for going back for another degree....

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