I forgot...

I usually pride myself on being a light packer
who never leaves anything behind and usually 
wears every single item that was packed.
Not this time.
Usualmente empaco muy liviano y me enorgullezco de de jamás
olvido nada y que siempre uso todo lo que empaco.
Pero no en esta oportunidad.

Black trousers - Zara top - George black cardigan - Striped cardigan Exclusive

I forgot to pack two things: USB and the electricity plug adaptor.
How about that.
Olvidé empacar el USB y el adaptador de electricidad.
Que les parece.

Here are some things that caught my attention today...
Aquí hay algunas cosas que me llamaron la atención hoy...

Outdoor garden in Bonaparte hotel 

Old Home turned into an office on Mar de Plata street 

Old doorknob and key


LyddieGal said...

haha, well you can't be perfect every time - at least you didn't forget your pants!

Kathya Stryzak said...

Hola Lore!! hermoso casaquito con rayas!!

Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

I hate to forget things! Cute striped cardi :) and I love that door handle!

Love, Vanilla


Vanilla - notes from my closet said...

A re-comment :) fingers crossed they don't disappear again... I love the door handle it is SO beautiful and I love your striped cardi :) very cute

Love, Vanilla