Versatile Blogger Award

Mojca aka Biba from Angels and Blossoms was kind enough to 
share with me the Versatile Blogger.
So, here are the 7 things you may or may not know 
about me:
1. Played the clarinet in high school - was awful at it.
2. Cannot sing - I am SO BAD, it's not even funny.
3. If I had to pick a country to be born it would be either Spain or the U.S.
4. My favorite subject in school was World History.
5. Least favorite one was anything number related.
6. I don't smoke and cannot stand to be smoked on
7. If you catch me in a bar I will probably be drinking Bailey's.

Ok, so as the rule goes, I have to pass on
this award on to a few blogger-ees (drumroll!):

Nilcha at MyBlog


ana said...

Congratulations darling!

LaToya said...

OMG thank you soooooooooooooo much! With my lack of updates I thought I wouldn't be getting an award for quite sometime. Thanks again! I feel so special! Lol!


Delane said...


You don't have your email on your blog but I have a question for where you live and travel. If you would be so kind can you email me at


Nilcha said...

woooow \("v")/ thank youuuuuu....
i ve been avoiding blogs after holidays because too many things to update but i have not start to write even a single post yet.. ahaha this is like a wake up call gift! thanks lorena... hugssss :)

ow btw so i ve to post the pic in my blog n name & 7 things abt me?


KATHY said...

Felicitaciones Lore!!