WTF: Versus Versace

As any other bored gal, I was flipping through
 a magazine and came across this perfume ad.
Dude, I was terrified.
I am sure that they did not want to cause that 
effect on the reader, if so they would have 
just pictured Donatella.

Ok, but now seriously I fear for my life.
This woman terrifies me, it's like she is going to eat me
with whatever teeth she has left.

I don't know about you, but I don't think I'm 
sleeping well tonight after this.

What do you think the goal of this ad was ?


ana said...

I think the model is Lara Stone, I'm not sure. But they really made a great effort making her look the uggliest woman in the world. It's horrible... I'm with you!

KATHY said...

Madonna tambien tiene los dientes separados...besos Lore!

Tere said...

Lorena!! que bonito debe ser tu vestido tal y como me has explicadoo! ya tengo ganas de verlo!
y lo de los dientes ahora es la moda...

besitos grandes!

Bombshellicious said...

Totally agree scarey ad, think its Lara Stone too, shes one unattractive woman in it xx

Delane said...

Looks like she is stone!


Iris said...

HAHAHA I laughed out loud but, I agree she is terrifying...

Anonymous said...

Definitely one very scary ad. :D that woman should participate in some kind of say-no-to-drugs ad campaign.