Grey Thursday

Grey Thursdays are the ones before Black Fridays.
Right ?
Vintage Dress · Daniblack shoes · Arena Milano bag ·
I got this dress about a month or so ago.
It was in a store I frequent and even though all their goods 
are new - this dress  just hung there on its own with just
the price tag.

No label, no size, no care instructions.
I thought it was different so I took it into the dressing room
with me, it fit.
I smelled it (yes, smelled it) and it smelled like:
something vintage.
Ok, vintage must have many smells, some of them 
not very pleasant BUT, I am referring to the my 
great aunt's vintage clothes that she
sends me from New Mexico.
I examined the garment and saw it had metal
zipper which is unusual these days and removed
the belt and it read on the back "14 Del Rio belt".
I did a google search on the brand but nothing turned up.

I figured that it is a little big on the top but that the
length is perfect, so I am taking it to the seamstress
so I can get a perfect fit.

I wore it to work and received zero comments.
I usually get some type of reaction.

What DO YOU think about this dress ?


ana said...

Es un vestido precioso!!! el estampado y la forma estan de 10 además te ves muy guapa con él! que bueno que lo compraste!!

KATHY said...

Hermoso el vestido y el cinto lorena..muy lindo todo!! besos y buen viernes

Franca said...

oooh, it's lovely!!!

Shybiker said...

I like it. It's a pretty, bright print and you sparkle wearing it.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty and unusual!

I don't always need others to comment on my clothes, but it's always nice to know someone notices, right? ;)

Delane said...

I love the print! I'm not in love with the belt. Too thin perhaps.

Angeline said...

Oh wow, that dress is beautiful! I love the print and the shape. It looks great on you!

Anonymous said...

i LIKE this dress... nice finding...

Anonymous said...

I like the dress, it looks great on you!

Jenava said...

I adore it! Great find.

Sheila said...

I love the dress! I'd say it's 1970s. It has that kind of vibe to it.

Iris said...

That vintage dress is awesome! What a great find :)