Friday Night Out

As you may or may not have noticed,
I do not go out that much.
I do not complaint, it's my choice as
I am not much of a night person and
I guarantee you... I went out a lot
during high school and college, so I
feel there is nothing I a missing here.

Black top ECI New York
Last night was a little different, went out to huge
event that was all about music.
Imagine all types of music that
that you can think of, in separate areas - so
if you get tired of hip hop you can head over to reggae
and then over to a live rock and roll scenario.
It was fun for a change.
Do you guys go out a lot ?
Like clubbing, lounges....
whatever it it that is "in" right now ?


Shybiker said...

I think we have stages in life when we do different things. When I was college-age, I went out all the time. Then, for the next 15 years, I worked too hard to have any energy for it and found quiet pleasures at home.

Then, in my 40's, I got a little bored and acquired renewed interest in venturing out. I started to hang out with biker-buddies, drinking beer and shooting pool.

Now, I'll go out to do something special, like see a play or attend an event, but feel no inclination to just be in a bar or drink with strangers. I much prefer socializing with friends in places that are quiet enough to talk. I love conversation and hate loud, noisy bars.

Carla said...

same here...feel like my excessive partying time is over =D
love the outfit! looks great!

Sheila said...

I would rather hang out with friends or go to an event with them than just go to a club where it's all anonymous. Tonight, I'm going to a concert with about 6 of my friends - I'm so excited!

I love your evening outfit - fun mask!

Anonymous said...

hahahha i love the mask or is it a glasses?
u look so pretty for da music event.

Bombshellicious said...

Love your look. I go out when I feel there is something worth going out for and thats about it! xx

Anonymous said...

Hot look! ;)
I used to go out a lot in Lithuania, all the possible concerts in my city, stopping the cars to get to another town for a three day music festivals, etc. I even had a fake student's ID to be able to get into the clubs. :D
I guess I could do the same thing here if I had enough outgoing friends. :)