Diane Von Fursternberg LBD

A couple of weeks ago I went shopping with a friend.
She had been asking me to assist her with some
shopping (she's actually my third friend to ask me that !)
I tried to make it all about her, but then I ran into 
this dress at the sales rack:
Its a black little number from Diane Von Furstenberg, 
which now seems a little short for work.
Maybe with leggings, but it is so hot right now ...
It is super comfortable and even though the label read "Dry Clean Only"
I threw it in the washing machine before wearing it today, BTW
nothing happened to it...
The dress has a nice detail on front and back.
The question is, how much do you think I paid ?

Red, white and blue necklace · Iblu butterfly ring · Cartier love bracelet
Red Franco Sarto studded flats
Well, I am not going to make you guess.
I paid 5.99 USD plus tax.
How about that ?
The amazing part is that the dress had
a Bloomingdale's return label and also the
previous price which reads 242.00 USD

How is that for a Monday ?


Dr. Da said...

Cute dress! And such a great deal. I think it is long enough for work styles like that, but if you add a belt then definitely pair it with some leggings.

Iris said...

Wow, that is an amazing deal!

Shybiker said...

Wow! And its design is terrific.

Anonymous said...

So.hot.right.now? I'm so jealous! It is so cold in my bedroom that I wear gloves as I type this. :D 12,8 °C to be exact.
Love the dress, and the price you paid for it is like an early Christmas present isn't it? :D

drollgirl said...

WHAT?!??! what a rockin' deal! on a dvf dress! who woulda thought!?!?! RIGHT ON!!!

and don't feel bad about "not getting" that stupid ad on my blog today. it is stupid and dumb and makes no sense, and that is why nobody gets it! it is just annoying!

LyddieGal said...

I was going to guess $10! You got a fantastic deal!!!
and I believe that dry clean only is just to cover their butts - you know, if it did fall apart in the washing machine you couldn't bitch because it would have been your fault. or something.

Anonymous said...

nice pick!
its always fun to find a chic, comfortable dress with surprising price!

Bombshellicious said...

Bargain Lorena its a lovely dress xx

Sheila said...

Score! Great deal!

Frances Joy said...

$5.99?! You find the most amazing deals. That dress is DIVINE!

Mad Dress Game

Delane said...

I love a good bargain and I love DVF! I'm sure you will get tons of wear out of the dress.