Age is in the eye on the beholder

Last week I met with a colleague for work.
Over dinner she asked me how old I was.
The reason she asked (so she said) was because
we had also met during the weekend and 
she had seen me in jeans and a t shirt.
She wondered how old I was because at work 
and for meetings, 
she said
 "You  look (she did this thing with her hand indicating a square)
and then did not say anything else. 
The square thing meant old.
This got me thinking, I am dressing as
someone who is not 35 but older ?
Well, today is probably not the best day to ask
as I am super covered up and classic.
But, from what you have seen in the past, 
what would you say ?

New York & Co. Skirt · Laura Ashley vintage blouse · Forever 21 belt · 
·Bacci shoes · Liz Claiborne bag

The silver and rhinestone bow ring as a present from my grandfather.
The vintage blouse was a present from my great aunt, it use to be hers.


Sheila said...

I think you look lovely, no matter how you're dressed, Lorena. I think you dress in a professional way for work, and your casual wear is always put together, never sloppy. You're classic!

Anonymous said...

You don't dress old or square. To me, you dress fresh and hip and very age/work appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a strange comment! I don't think you dress 'old' or older than you are at all.

I do know some people who I think dress older than their age, and usually I think it's because they seemed to get stuck in a certain era (sometimes high school?) or they just lack any sense of what's current.

I don't think you're at all like that! You always look chic and professional!

KATHY said...


linda como siempre! los zapatos son preciosos y este esmalte..que lindo
besos Lore

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I think you dress young and modern. I absolutely Love this outfit ! The combination is perfect. I have a few tops like that one and I love a good classic look.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

Oh and that Nail Polish Rules ! Love it Love it !

Biba said...

I love your outfits, they're fabulous and they definitely don't make you look old(er); the title of your post is rather witty...

Shybiker said...

I like the way you dress.

Some people are threatened by conservative, elegant dressers because it makes them feel sloppy. And often when people feel insecure, they lash out at others.

I think it was rude for this person to (1) ask your age and (2) criticize your style, even subtly. When people act that way, we should disregard what they say because it's tainted by their own issues.

ana said...

The trend right now is the 50's dresses and blouses! just look at the Louis Vuitton runway... the blouse is absolutely beautiful! I love vintage clothes and yours is such a treasure! Lorena I thought you were like 30 or 31! You look always very beautiful! Don't listen to stupid comments!
Como mi abuela decĂ­a " A palabras necias... oidos sordos " ;)

Sheila said...

Ralph is exactly right - it was her own insecurities.

Frances Joy said...

Whaaaaat?! That's crazy. You don't dress old at all. Love this look - it is so elegant.

Delane said...

No I don't think you dress old. Its not like your wearing polyester double breasted suits.

I think you dress age appropriate.

Anonymous said...

loving your shoes :)


Bombshellicious said...

You definitely dont dress old xx

LyddieGal said...

I think you dress your age, and I would have guessed you were younger than 35 -- just because you don't dress like a teenager and enjoy vintage pieces doesn't mean you are a grandma -- you keep your styling fresh and fun.