Saturday Damage

Usually I am a really responsible and reliable person.
But, on Saturday a friend asked me to shop with her.
She wanted my "assistance".
I spent money on clothes that was destined for other means in
my budget, actually it was destined for groceries.
Express Jeans · Polo Ralph Lauren · Paladium shoes · Elvis Presley Tote
I feel awful, it's so unlike me.
What if I went into debt by making this a routine?
This is what I imagine can happen if you do not get a hold
of yourself and do this on a monthly or weekly basis.
Spend money that is for basic needs (such as food) in something
that you do not need.
This is a one time only situation... I hope.
Have you ever been in trouble because of your shopping habits ?


ana said...

A mi me pasa eso tooodo el tiempo... por eso no voy a los centros comerciales a dar la vuelta... no quiero tentaciones...
buen inicio de semana!

Guapóloga said...

Metiéndome donde no me llaman... Te sugiero huír de los pantalones pesqueros o con doblez a la rodilla. Visualmente acortan la estatura muchísimo.

Te ves muy linda, ese color de blusa te va requete bien, eso sí ;)


Anonymous said...

I'm a former shopaholic and I used to be terrible with money. Never went into a debt though. I only spend what money I have. It's scary to even think how much money I could save back then.