Pink Tuesday

As mentioned, this week I will be wearing something
pink everyday following the idea from Melissa's blog:
In addition to creating awareness I will tell you about
how cancer has unfortunately touched friends, family and
therefore my life.
She had breast cancer about 10 years ago.
Today is actually her birthday !
My Aunt Fredes (grandma's sister) turns 90 today.

I personally had not heard of breast cancer at 80.
So, it was kind of surprising and also scary as you
may tend to think that your odds of winning against 
the disease decrease because of age. 

Well, apparently not as she is a survivor.
She is a peaceful person who always has a smile
for everyone she encounters.

She is also the great aunt who has gifted me
with so many vintage items, such as the green
leather purse I am wearing today.

So no matter your age, take time to get a check up !


Carla said...

Nice outfit!

KATHY said...

Muy linda el outfit de hoy!! los zapatos divinosssssss...lore vos tenes buen gusto! besos linda

LyddieGal said...

I love your mix of pale pink and green, those shoes are just so cute!
It's so sad how many people are effected by cancer in this world, it's nice to see everyone participating in this challenge.

Shybiker said...

Good and valuable post, Lorena.

My mom died from breast-cancer at the too-young age of 53. Not an unusual story but a very sad one nonetheless. :(

Anonymous said...

pink and green : NICE!!

@shybiker: im sorry for what happened to ur mom. :(

Miss Emma Kitty said...

My mom died from breast cancer also.
I love the pink and green together.

Guapóloga said...

You shoul show your face, honey!

I specially like the green shoes, they rock!

Gracias por pasar por Guapología, guapa ;)

Frances said...

I like that blouse. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Cancer is evil. My co-worker had bone cancer and it sucked. I was so happy when cancer lost it's battle and she came back to work after one year of treatments. Long dark hair were all gone, but she looked better than ever, I'm telling you.
Those scientists could work harder and invent the better treatments now, please.

Great topic to write about, touching stories.

And I love your shoes.