Monday and Tuesday at the Beach

Don't get too excited now.
I was working at a beach resort.
Yes, working.

 We had a 2 day seminar to host.

 It was a lot of intensive work. Nonstop.
We had been organizing this event for over 4 months.
· Toi Moi Dress · Melissa red shoes · Neiman Marcus tote · Tiffany key ·

It was two days of running around and trying to get things to 
be the best possible.

It is finally over.
Can you see how happy I am ?


Sheila said...

I love that dress - the red belt is awesome! I'm happy for you that your event is over! I hope you get to enjoy some of that sunshine!

KATHY said...

Lindo tu dress!!!
ahhh fotos al aire libre..que linda!!
besos Lore

Bombshellicious said...

Resort looks lovely and yes you do look happy xx