Altered Series: ZARA SKIRT

This week it's not about where garments are made.
This week it's all about alterations !
Altering garments that I found had more potential
and would look better on me if they were changed just a bit.
Nothing dramatic.
I only noticed because of this blog.
I begin this week with a skirt from Zara (BTW made in Spain)
I am really short, the skirt had an awkward length, so it was 
not very flattering on me.
I was only able to see that after I saw my picture.

So, I took it to the seamstress and had it shortened.
The picture on the LEFT was before and the one on the RIGHT is today.
I feel more comfortable in it now that it is shorter although I have
to admit that the skirt now has a different shape.
I do not have the skill to alter things on my own.
Unfortunately for me.
Maybe I can do a little hem, sew on buttons but that is as far
as I go.

But, how about you ?
Are you hands on when it comes to sewing ?
What do you think about this alteration ?


Anonymous said...

My mother used to work as a dressmaker, however now she refuses to do any sewing. I haven't ever used a sewing machine. No, I am no good with needles at all. Shame on me.

Anonymous said...

By the way your skirt looks so much better now. Good job!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

The skirt looks Great ! I love how you paired the turquoise accessories with the black and white. Tres Chic !

B a la Moda said...

Muy mona. Le has dado bastante vida!

B* a la Moda

Frances said...

I think the alterations turned out great! I even like the shape of the skirt better now that it's shorter.

KATHY said...

lindo los outfits con la pollera...esta divina Lore..besos

drollgirl said...

you were so right to do this! the shorter length is more flattering!

i can't stand how they make so many tops too long -- they hit low, low LOW on the crotch, and it looks terrible on me! i need them to hit higher! i have tried altering stuff, but i am not a great sewer. but if the price is right on the top, i buy it and HOPE i can clip it, or pin it, or alter it to make it better. i need to just shell out and get a tailor to do it!

ALSO! i am so guilty of wearing the hair clip on the weekends. the last thing i want to do is blowdry my hair on weekends, so i usually would throw it up in a clip to keep the hair off of my face. after seeing HILLARY and her horrid clip, i am modifying my ways. at least that is what i am saying now! ahahahha

Frances Joy said...

Gor.Geous. This is such an elegant, classic look.
I can do buttons. I have a vintage dress that I desperately want to shorten now that I'm working on honing my sewing skills, but I'm still too scared!

LyddieGal said...

I love the altered skirt -- I constantly have the same problem and when I'm feeling ambitious I do the alterations myself and when I'm feeling lazy, I just belt it higher.

Marta said...

unfortunately, i do not have proper sewing skills.... but i ask my mom to do the alteration, for example. your skirt is amazing - so feminine and chic!

Iris said...

I like this lenth alot better, it makes you look super tall!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic alteration. The skirt now looks cute instead of matronly. You look great!

Bombshellicious said...

Skirt looks lovely Lorena. I quite like altering clothes but Imnot very good at it xx

Sheila said...

I love how the shorter skirt looks! Lovely!

Meli22 said...

This is the perfect example of how you can easily make an already great item look even better when tailoring to fit YOU. The length looks WONDERFUL- I love the altered version! : ) Also, the color combo is to die for. I want to copy you!

Anonymous said...

Wow! The skirt really does look better now - more stylish and flattering! I've tried hemming a dress and a skirt myself and ended up completely ruining both, so no more attempts from me for a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

Also an improvement.

I plan to learn how to sew. It'd be very useful.