Altered Series: Another ZARA Skirt

In over a year, I have worn this Zara (made in Spain) skirt only twice.
Today is the second time.
This skirt was also too long as you can see on the LEFT 
which is how I wore it in July 2010.
 A trip to the seamstress made this skirt about 3 inches shorter.
To the right is the NEW version of this skirt.
To be honest I can only tell the difference because at the bottom of 
the skirt you can see a wider seam on the left and a narrower 
seam on the right.
But, I kind of feel like it looks the same.

Skirt Zara · Beige button down shirt Tommy Hilfiger · Beige Flats Obsession · Black tote Neiman Marcus

I am not loving this look, but I will have to live with it all day :)
This is the last of the items I have had "altered" so for now this is 
the end of my "Altered Series".


Iris said...

I love how you are making your wardrobe work for you!

Sheila said...

I think maybe go even a few inches shorter still - it's much better, but you have such nice legs. Shame not to show them. :)

LaToya said...

I think it looks great how it is now, but alittle shorter wouldn't hurt either. I love your two different outfits! Have a great day!


hiven said...


LaToya said...

Oh yeah I'm following you :)


KATHY said...

la chica linda de las faldas!!!
besos Lore

Annah said...

I am living for those fabulous flats! Work it.

Jan said...

I love it ,you look good in everything ,tell me are we wearing our skirts shorter now? Jan xx

Frances Joy said...

Such a pretty skirt! I am so inspired by your alterations that I just might take out my sewing machine this weekend....