Made Where ?

As you may have read yesterday this week I am doing a challenge 
that you are cordially invited to join.
It's to just check the labels on things you are wearing, eating, using.
See where they are coming from,
what country was it made in ?
I will be checking labels for one week and
taking note on them.
Today I checked my undergarment's labels, the bra comes from
Mexico and the underwear from Jordania.
Soap and perfume are from France, deodorant is Dove made in Mexico
and the list continues...
(Yes, I know you are thinking I need to replace some of my make up. I can assure you that I have 2 more blushes and 3 face powders in my drawer that are waiting in line for me to finish the above products so they can jump into action)
In today's outfit the shoes, bag, and dress come from China.
The belt is made in Peru by Michelle Belau
My accessories are silver pieces from Italy and Mexico
and my watch is Swiss.
Regarding my food intake, my breakfast consisted of crackers 
made in Nicaragua, local cottage cheese and local coffee sweetened with Splenda (made in the US).
I am writing this post on a MAC assembled in China.
My lunch will be local made pasta, tap water and Quaker granola 
bites - not sure where these are made.
Unless I looked I would have never guessed my Nabisco crackers 
were made in Nicaragua !
Nicaragua ?
Have you read a label that surprised you ?
Let me know if you want to join so I can add your link you to this
experiment :)


Delane said...

Honey from if the US doesn't have any bees.

drollgirl said...

love this outfit!

i have no idea where my clothes are from, but i am guessing a fair amount come from china and taiwan. it is hard to get american-made stuff. or at least i think it is?

i have made a concentrated effort to buy local fruits and veggies. i am trying to be better about such things.

it is a big, wide world out there, and it is funny how small and connected things are at this point in time. weird!

drollgirl said...

p.s. i also have new makeup lying in wait. bah! i try to use every last scrap before opening new makeup!

LyddieGal said...

I love your dress and your country diverse look -- five different countries is pretty good.

Sheila said...

I love that belt - your whole outfit it awesome.

This is really eye-opening! I have been looking at all my products (and realizing how very many I use every day) and am shocked at where some of this stuff is made.