Anti Frizz Anyone ?

This is one of the products I use on my hair.
I use it when I do not have time to blow dry.
I use it when I feel that my hair has its 
own brain and cannot be controlled:
Advance Techniques Anti Freeze Capsules from Avon.
It's cheap, about 3 bucks AND it is good AND works !
The fact that the product comes in capsules tells you how much
you need to apply and it also makes it really simple to take the product in your
beach bag or if you are traveling.  It does not take up space.

This tiny gem works wonders.
It will control the frizz, I usually only use one, but
my hair is mid length, you may need two.
Trust me, I have tried MANY brands but,
so far this is the only one that has stayed with me.
I only keep stuff that works.


KATHY said...

La linea de pelo de avon es buena..aca todavia no tenemos esta ampollita..cuando llegar la compro..besos

LyddieGal said...

humm, good to know!
have you tried the new lotus shield one? I've been using that, but I maintain that there isn't a product on this earth that can ever really tame my hair!

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