Succumbed to Jeans

Yes, even though I am trying to hold back from wearing 
them sooo much, I totally succumbed to wearing jeans today.
I did not want to think a lot about what to wear, 
so jeans were an easy way out.
I am having all of my brain power used up at work.
It's busy. It's bad busy. Like really bad. 
Like, I wanna run bad. Oh, well.
Answering Drollgirl, I do brand management for LA 
region mostly perfumes and cosmetics.
Actually now it's just perfumes.
It's fun, but sometimes the grass is that NOT green.
Like, uh right now.
- Jeans Mossimo - Light blue button down shirt Merona
- Beige vest - Animal print peep toe flats Qupid
- Bracelets by Cartier and Tous - Leather bag market in Marrakech


Sheila said...

That's what time it is now - I have to go!

You look great, Lorena!

Savvy Gal said...

what a cute necklace.

KATHY said...

Hola Linda..hermoso su outfit hoy!!
estas bellisima..besos

LyddieGal said...

Hope you made it through the day and can have a nice relaxing weekend.
Relying on jeans to be 30% of your wardrobe isn't good, but it doesn't mean they shouldn't still be a part of it!

E said...

Love the preppy chic vibe of this look!

Jen said...

That gorgeous blue bracelet is standing out to me... I LOVE it!! So something that I'd wear.

Happy Weekend Dear! xo

G. said...

Me gusta tu blog, y tu estilo es muy sencillo pero elegante y cómodo para el trabajo.


Frances said...

I really like this outfit actually. Sometimes, when we're running late and just throw something together, it just works.