All around the Vintage Scarf

This red vintage scarf was a gift from my great aunt.
(yes, that same one that gives me everything from blouses to shoes!)
White jeans GAP  - Jean jacket Forever 21
The red fringe scarf had been on my dress form for 
about a month or so. It was time for the first wear.
I have a lot going on: floral (scarf), animal print (shoes) and
the print on my bag, but I felt good and went with it.
Is that not the idea of getting dressed ?
Sometimes I give my outfits "test drives" and take them out 
of my 6 people workplace.
Today I will do that as I have to pick up a present.
It's kind of fun when you know you are wearing something
that is a little different and you catch people staring.
After I pick up the gift, I will head out to a birthday celebration.
Then, I will remove my jean jacket and look like this:
Any plans for later today ?


Jan said...

Gosh take off the jacket and get an entirely different look magic!,Hmm I have some white trousers and tee shirt ,and some scarfs thanks for the inspiration Jan xx Jan xx

drollgirl said...

that scarf is amazing! i love scarves. they can spice anything up! and they work well with layering.

no fun plans for me today. have to pick up a sick kitty at the vet and am terrified to see the bill. plus i have to bring him back on friday for more tests. :( i am babbling. enough!

LyddieGal said...

I wouldn't say that any of the prints are competing with each other, the scarf really stands out and takes control of the look. I rather like it.

Sheila said...

That looks gorgeous - love it with that military look jacket!

Hey, Lorena, your blog title shows up in my reader as "MESSING WITH THE TEMPLATE" - did you miss deleting that somewhere of your blog's title? I really like the new set-up, by the way.

I need to make dinner and then relax! I'm beat.

Anonymous said...

WOw, I sure love this look! I love the scarf!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I really Love this outfit ! Red with leopard print is my favorite combo.

ana said...

I love your vintage scarf! I have one too but mine is blue... I'll try to post it one day ;)