Thank You Hillary !

I was the happy winner of By Hillary's Waffle (her cute cat) give away.
Hillary very kindly send me my gift, a custom made lip balm 
and a lovely postcard (pictured above).
( I need to know where these can be made, I have fallen in love with it!)
Now, the lip balm was misplaced by my Grandma somewhere in her
luggage so I have not tried it yet.
But, I will as soon as she finds it as I am really looking forward to this
trying this special edition...that smells like cupcakes !
Thank you Hillary !

P.S. Don't mind the crazy stare look, I was just excited.


hillary said...

yeah! I was worried it got lost because if it did I couldn't replace it. You are the only person other than me and Dave who has it! The woman is on ETSY I linked her store in the original post. She sells the pink balm as pink sugar I think. She doesn't advertise custom work but I asked figuring why not and she said SURE! So she did a 4 piece run for me.

hillary said...

oh duh you mean the postcards?

Vistaprint! It is virtually free!

drollgirl said...

congrats to YOU! and i like your crazy stare! hahahah

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Congrats on winning!! The postcard sure is adorable!