Socks or Sucks ?

I have been looking at the shoe+sock trend for some time now.
Thought I would be brave today and try it.

Not only was I not totally convinced but my H gave me "the look".
The WTF are you wearing look.
The look which made my courage run out the window and 
fetch me my pair of black patent Payless shoes.
- Dress Tramp
- Yellow cardi Laura Petites
- Black rose and pearl brooch
- Black plastic rose earrings
- Yellow patent bag Liz Claiborne
So, what do you think ?
Should I have kept the socks... or did they really suck?
Any tips that you may want to share in regards to this trend
will be highly appreciated!


Iris said...

I love that dress! The socks are not something I would do, I just don't think it's flattering on anyone.

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Bombshellicious said...

Without the socks methinks xx

Jan said...

I agree ,without the socks looking gorgeous ,with them ,..erm .? ! ? Jan xx

Carla said...

u look so pretty!!!
def NO socks!

Carla said...

u look so pretty!!!
def NO socks!

drollgirl said...

love the outfit! but i am glad you lost the socks! LOL!!! :)

Frances said...

The outfit is better without the socks. However, if you want to try them again sometime, I'd suggest with high heels instead of flats.

Taylor said...

That dress is amazing - love the yellow cardi with it. I say no socks - it reminds me of Madonna back in the Like a Virgin days!

Sheila said...

Honestly, I think the socks (especially white socks) are too "little girl" for us grown-up ladies.

When I was 16 I did this look...I saw the "Legs" video by ZZ Top, haha!

Kristen said...

The dress is so pretty, the socks less so. :) I think Sheila is right, it is a look that only works on the very young.

LaToya said...

Love your outfit! I'm not a sock person though.

ana said...

Te veias muy linda con los calcetines puestos... pero tmb te ves muy bien sin ellos... es una tendencia un poco arriesgada así que yo hubiera hecho lo mismo que tú ;)
un abrazo!

Meli22 said...

hmmm. I am not a sock fan, so I am going to say 'nay' on this one. I dislike the trend entirely- I don't think it is very flattering. I shove this trend into the too young for me (I am 22) category lol.

Jen said...

I wish I could pull of the sock look but I just can't! They look hideous on me. For some reason only gorgeous models can seem to do this look ;-)

LyddieGal said...

Socks are tricky. I think if you are going to wear them they should look very deliberate.

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anita said...

este outfit me encanta, estos colores son divinos y creo que te quedan muy bien los calcetines, me gusta!