The World is Such a Small Place !

I was on the phone with a company in Monroe, CT. 
Needless to say it was a work related call. 
In the middle of the conversation the guy on the other side 
asks me if I am the same person that gives free travel advise 
on a website.... ha ! happens I am.
How weird is that ?
Indeed the world is a small place.
Getting down to business, today I wore my striped 
Isaac Mizrahi Target dress, last seen here.
One of the things I am trying to do is NOT wear my 
clothes the way I am used to.
Meaning that I am to wear my clothes and accessorize
them in a different way- to get out of that comfort zone 
where we choose garments that work almost as easily as uniforms.
For a change, I picked up the navy ribbon yesterday afternoon with 
the idea that it would give it a sailor feel.
- Red and white striped dress Isaac Mizrahi for Target
- Blue suede shoes Dani Black
- Padded bag Marc Jacobs wanna be
- 2 yards of navy blue ribbon for 1.60 USD
- Gold toned hoops
Do you tend to grab the same items over and over 
and style them exactly the same ?


Sheila said...

I love this with the wide navy ribbon - so pretty!

I do my weekend wear the same usually: the graphic tee thing.

Franca said...

such a pretty dress! Looks great with the ribbon!

PetiteGorgeous said...

Love the color combo!

I am giving away a J Crew bracelet at

Hope you will enter to win :).

Meli22 said...

This dress is really cute! And I LOVE the navy belt- it looks like it belongs there!

I try to style things differently- but then again I have a 'style' blog, so it's a constant, active, effort! The great thing about styling things in different ways is that what you have gets more use, and you don't get tired of it as fast (i.e. need to buy new things)!

ana said...

It's a beautiful dress!!!!
you look awesome ;)

Iris said...

I applaud your effort to mix it up. I try and do the same so I don't always pair the same things together! Hopefully I can keep it up so I don't have to buy all new clothes to achieve my goal of wearing a different outfit to work everyday for a year :)

Taylor said...

I love this chevron stripey dress! The addition of the navy ribbon is genius.

KATHY said...

Love shoes....divinos..bien delicados...


LyddieGal said...

Yes! There are some items that almost feel so automatic, I don't even realize I'm doing it at the time.

But it's an easy habit to break when you've got, oh say, photos of every time you've worn something. haha.

Love the zig-zag dress, the ribbon is a great touch!

Chic on the Cheap

Kristen said...

What a small world, indeed!

Love that striped dress, and the navy ribbon is an inspired touch.

nurmisur said...

Beautiful dress.Love it with the bow.
With blogging I started to try to wear things in a diferent way but sometimes I play it safe.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

The ribbons sash looks great with the striped dress. I always struggle with tying bows.


Me encanta el vestido, no sabes toda la evidia que me dan tus cosas de Targent :)


drollgirl said...




Anna said...

Love the addition of the blue ribbon! Now you've got me thinking about ways to change up some of my favorite items that I wear often.