Weekend Wrap Up

Here's my weekend recap, 
my 48 hours of freedom, 
or so I want to think !
We were invited to a tropical theme 
60th birthday celebration, to which I wore:

- Long purple dress Cherish
- Bandolino animal print sandals
- Yellow patent clutch
- Gold toned bracelets and necklaces

On Saturday:
We went to get my car's soft top checked at another place 
(not the dealership) 
to get a second opinion on how to repair it, also for a better price.
Nope, its not happening, apparently I am going 
to have to dish the cash out.
Does anyone know what GLUE holds together the glass and the soft top?
Anyone ?
While doing this I wore:
- Zenana Outfitters dress
- Bandolino fuchsia sandals
- Lulu brand yellow bag
- Colorful bead ring and bracelets

Finally Sunday.
I don't even know where to begin, my Sundays are far from
what I wish they were.
For over a year now every single one of them has been spent
with my H's parents (except when I have traveled).
Its taking a toll on me and one of these days I am
going to explode.
- Levis Jeans Reissue Sandybell
- Flower top by ISIS Los Angeles
- White Sandals from Peru
- Lulu yellow bag 
- Rhinestone hoops
- Extra large ring (gift from Julissa)

So, how was your weekend ?


Carla said...

I love the first dress on you!
so pretty!

Anna said...

I love that ring!! What a fantastic piece of jewelery.

Sheila said...

You look great in all these outfits, Lorena! I love that yellow bag and that giant ring.

I think I am all caught up on you, now! ;)