WTF: Vintage Magazine Ads

I am having a vintage WTF ad moment.
A friend emailed me a few ads that just seemed wrong, 
well at least in 2010 they seem wrong.
Talk about the evolution of advertising...
"Yeah.... blow smoke in my face and you can take me home...."
WTF ?!
I am speechless here. 
I get it now !
Santa Claus does not exist anymore... 
because he died of smoking related causes.


Carla said...

wow thats crazy...blow smoke in her face LOL
Im glad my hubby doesnt smoke, or he wouldnt have taken me anywhere =D

Anonymous said...

Hola Lorena, eres una de las ganadoras del concurso del blog, pero no tengo tu mail para organizarnos con el premio. Ponte en contacto conmigo.

B a la Moda said...

Qué chulos!

B* a la Moda