Walked to Work...

Yes, this HOT morning I walked to work wearing white pants which I do not recommend specially in cities as mine, where there are at least 2 constructions going on per street. 
No, I am not kidding, it's awful.
I had a lot of people look at me, or at least it felt like I was being looked at. Hopefully this means that my set was either interesting to look at or just plain hideous.
To be honest now that I have downloaded the pictures, I am not loving it.
I think it has to do with the fact that I wore flats and also that I did not tuck in the white shirt underneath...
Anyways, on my way to work I had to stop for a Coke, I cannot tell you how refreshing it felt, even at 8:12 AM.
What has your oddest breakfast ever been ?

- White pants Ralph Lauren
- White top Nathalie B.
- Black cardigan Toxic
- Black flats Miss Me
-  Black and bronze skinny belt
- Fuchsia patent tote Neiman Marcus
- Silver earrings 

Later on during the day, I tucked the white shirt in....


Delane said...

I love the coke photo!!!!

I eat salad for breakfast. Love salad in the summer for breakfast. Or ham or turkey sandwichs.

I'm and equal opportunity eater for breakfast as long as breakfast has coffee.

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I think you look great. Oddest breakfast - pizza?