Today I am inspired by IN STYLE

I do not know what month this page is from, not even what year.
I do know it's from IN STYLE, my favorite magazine.
I tear stuff that I like out and throw 
it in a can box I have in the closet.
The days I am totally clueless I reach for the box which 
usually helps me try different styles.
Today is one of those days.
Since I do not own a long white skirt or a jacket just like the one 
above, I did an "inspired by" or "look a like":
- White skirt Beiza
- Brown tank top Wet Seal
- Beige jacket Sawary
- Jade green chunky necklace
- Yellow patent tote Liz Claiborne
- Gold flat sandals

What do you do when you lack inspiration ?


Sheila said...

That page is so "you"! I love the outfit you created from it.

When I'm in need of inspiration, I just browse through my closet, and look for things I haven't worn in a while. I don't find it too hard.

I also hang all new purchases in a separate section of the closet and make outfits out of those right away, even if it's just a pin or a pair of earrings.

KATHY said...

precioso el collar...pero la moda del nude es perfecta..besos

hillary said...

I think that page is from Lucky. You did SUCH a good job with your version. I always love those drawings and think I need to practice because it was be so kickass to post a drawing with a post wouldn't it?