Focusing on my Shopping Ban

I have been on a self imposed shopping ban since January 2010.
As I have mentioned before, I have been learning a lot from what may seem just a shallow experiment.
One of these things is focusing, focusing on what I really need.
For example, I have realized that I have many bags and they are not properly stored, therefore some are ruined.
If I was not in the shopping ban this would have gone by unnoticed as I would buy a bag and then use it, store it and then buy another one. 
Now, since I have to go with what I have this has popped up.
The same goes for shoes. 
Just this last week I got rid of almost 5 pairs of shoes.
The reason is I have stopped to see that they are scuffed or just plain worn out.
Same for underwear, I have began to focus on the fact that I need to replace certain items, like for example strapless bras. 
I also should get a Spanx for the lower part of my body and since undergarments are certainly not part of this ban, to shop I hop !
Shopping bans are more than meets the eye !
- Black pants
- White tank top
-Sheer top Prada
- Red patent flats Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Grey patent tote by Arena
- Silver hoops and ring Tiffany's
- Necklace Tiffany's


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I remember feeling alittle low partway during my year-long shopping ban but then you get a new surge of creative energy and renewal. Good Luck.

Meli22 said...

love the pretty top!

I did get plently of mini-shopping ban expereiences. I think it's great to realize what we HAVE instead of seeking the last cool thing we saw (on the net, on a blogger, on the girl at the office you secretly envy, etc)... ;)

ana said...

Que bonita tu blusa blanca!!! yo acabo de tirar y guardar mucha ropa que tenía 1 año que no me ponía y zapatos tmb. Quiero unos flats rojos como los tuyos!!!!

Nefertiti said...

tres joli top,tenue tres romantique ;O)

Delane said...

I think because I'm fitting into all my old clothes I'm not feeling in a rut and the season is Changing in Chicago so I have new clothes to wear.

I feel your pain though. My boyfriend bought me two thing the other was heaven!!!