Custo Barcelona

Custo Barcelona is the fragrance I have been sporting for about a week now.
It is fresh and clean, which I guess comes from the top notes: 
bergamot, lemon and grapefruit.
The fact that it is fresh, I adore but, unfortunately it is not long lasting.
Still, if you come across this fragrance, pick it up and try it.
The bottle has a lot of textures just as the box.
It looks very street style... 
which make it a little urban work of art.

Have you tried this ?


Delane said...

I don't wear perfume to work most days. Between the baby poweder I dust myself with and scented lotion on my legs hands and arms I'm pretty aroma'ed up leaving the house.

For weekends I have a bottle of Clive Christnesson X, Chanel No. 5 or Lolita.

Sometimes I spirits with Lolita weekdays. I also have a bottle of 1412 that I'm trying to get though.

Frances said...

I'm not one for perfume either. Although, I did find one that I love (Hugo Boss - Femme) but have run out of and can't find it anywhere. This one sounds refreshing though.