Weekend Wrap Up

These last couple of days have not been easy.

Saturday I took the car to the shop to get the a/c looked at, did errands, continued to search for wigs with my friend who begins her chemotherapy this week...
On a bright note the H also took the car to the shop ! Who knows when it will be ready but, at least it's not home anymore.
Saturday I wore:
- Levis Jeans cut by me !
- Light beige tank top by Carven
- Beige and brown cropped jacket 
- Brown suede peep toe flats Kenneth Cole Reaction
- Grey patent tote by Arena

Sunday was also kind of gloomy.... we went out to a barbeque.
I finally decided to wear my hat and when I say wear, I mean I did not take it off for a single moment.


I chose to wear:
- White cotton dress
- Black flip flops Nine West
- Grey patent tote bag by Arena
- Silver tone Hello Kitty ring (gift from mom)
- Tiffany Key pendant (gift from mom)

I have had this dress for over 5 years and I have a love-hate relationship with it which is kind of difficult to explain. Every time I wear it, I say it is the last time.
It's a little too tight for my taste, it's see through, it's boxy and not so white.
So all Sunday I thought to myself "I will not wear it anymore" but, by the time I got home I thought "Well I might wear it with a cardi..."
What do you think?


Jane W. said...

I love the contrast of "masculine" hat with "feminine" dress. A cardi would look great, as would a cropped jacket.

hillary said...

I love so much about this. I'll make a list. I like lists

1. that key necklace!
2. what jane said!
3. the polish
4. Those suitcases!

EvaNadine said...

i love the general shape of this dress on you, but dontcha hate it when it gathers in the not-so-nice spots!
maybe try wearing a body shaping slip underneath it? that would counteract the lumps (in the dress, certainly not in YOU!) and take care of the see-through-ness too!