The Wedding

So the day of the wedding we had been invited to arrived, it was April 16th.
I had been going back and forth about what to wear and then what to accessorize the dress that I had altered ...

WeddingApril2010 by you.

Tables by you.
Finally, I made up my mind.
I have to say I really appreciate all the comments I received from all of you, giving me useful suggestions on what to accessorize it with and why.

- Black lace MNG Dress
- Black glitter clutch Payless
- Black heeled sandals
-  White gold, pearl and diamond earrings (borrowed from Grandma)
- Chunky rhinestone and silver tone bracelets Forever 21 or was it Charlotte Russe ?

Even though Ana, Jane and Kristen cheered for the pearls - as I did at the beginning I went with simple.
You may ask why, the reason is I felt red carpet like not wedding like.
On the other hand Hillary, EvaNadine, Clau and Erica directed me towards not wearing a necklace as it was a way to show off the pretty neckline...

Bombshellicious and Hillary really liked the brooch and so did I.
Hillary suggested I find a wider belt, which in this case I did...

EvaNadine commented on a statement bracelet and I chose a chunky make a statement !

Even though Hillary thought I should go with big earrings, not only did I not find a formal pair but I could not pass the opportunity to wear Grandma's white gold, pearl and diamond earrings.... total vintage luxury.

Here's a close up a the silver tone brooch with the 2 ribbons used as a belt and the chunky bracelets...

Oh ! and my black glitter clutch.... 

So, what do you think ?
Did you like the outcome ?
What would YOU have done differently ?
Candles by you.


Jane W. said...

I love the outcome! You look stunning.

Sak said...


Sheila said...

Wow, I think you look amazing! I'm glad you didn't do a necklace - they are just distracting with asymmetrical necklines. Those earrings are perfect.

Just gorgeous!

Bombshellicious said...

Your outfit looked absolutely lovely xx

hillary said...

holy crap! Dude it you look sooooooo good. Glamourous as all get out!

Carla said...

wow, what a great dress!!

ana said...

Excelente opciĆ³n!!!