So, as I drove this morning to work, I began to ask myself...
After a little hard thinking and concentrating I realized I had... good for my co workers!
- Blue pants New York & Company
 (worn as suit on monday)
- White shirt 
- Colorful wood pebbles belt
- Brown patent peep toe heels Christian Siriano for Payless
- Yellow patent tote bag Liz Claiborne
- Wood ring - market in Greece
- Silver, mother of pearl, marquesite and garnet earrings - gift from Eli

Today I ALMOST wore the hat on the lady below to work but my H gave me "that" look... I have to begin ignoring that look !


Sheila said...

Ooh, the hat would have been fabulous! Yes, ignore that look.

I actually keep a mini-deodorant in my make-up bag (you can find them in the sample sizes at the drug store) and a full-size one in my desk at work (I go for power-walks at noon, so I need it!).

Andie said...

that's an awesome belt!!!

Dr. Da said...

That belt is fantastic!

ana said...

Me encantó tu cinturón sobretodo porque resalta muchísimo un outfit tan clásico como la camisa blanca y el pantalón negro!!!! necesito uno así urgentemente...

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

I love your look today. I am so desperate for a cropped blazer that you wear so well.

Kristen said...

ROFL at the deodorant comment! I do that sometimes too.

That belt is fantastic.