Shopping Ban UPDATE !

As I continue my shopping ban I FINALLY got the month where ...
In March I can buy 2 items. 
The bad thing was that I felt I HAD TO. I HAD TO BUY my 2 items.
So, I did:
- White shirt with silver motif Forever 12
- Black sleeveless cardigan thingy 
It was not something I needed :o(
I have yet to pick out those 2 items that will leave my closet because of the two new ones... it's also in the rules. (RULES AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

I read all your comments on my last post regarding how my shopping ban was coming along, thank you !
I am happy to see that others have accomplished it, that it is possible !

my shopping ban rules
1. I will not buy anything during the month of January 2010 
Update: Did not BUY ANYTHING!
2. In February I can buy one item

Update: Travel parenthesis here. 100 USD spent.

3. March I can buy 2 items but, 2 items of the same kind must leave my closet
Update: It's mid March and I have NOT decided what to BUY....
4. April no purchases allowed
5. May, June, July : one item per month allowed
6. August, September, October: 2 items per month
7. November, December: one item per month


Jane W. said...

cute, cute tee shirt! I admire your shopping ban discipline.

Clau! said...

Que lindas compras ñ_ñ