Green, Lavender and White ...

First of all, I swear.... I do not have a beard !
Happens that it was windy this morning and the rest is history.
I picked this set last week, only to wear it today. 
The colors are: green, lavender and white.
I sense hope in the green, calm state of mind with the lavender and peace with the white.

- White pants Carven brand
- Lavender sheer blouse
- Green cardigan H&M
- Green flats by Andrea Carrano
- Purple and Lavender textile bag - Market in Mexico
- All my silver bracelets

I don't know about you but this morning when I heard that another earthquake had just hit Haiti my heart stopped. How much can these people take ? I just could not believe it -tears came to my eyes.
Made a small food donation last night, I will certainly make a few more...
Please donate, it could be any of us.


Penny said...

I was also shocked about the latest earthquake. I hope Haiti is not forgotten about.

As for your outfit, I love the color combination here....just lovely!

Clau! said...

nice colors!