Friday´s Layer: Ketchup and Mustard

 It´s Friday ! 
I am excited because today my living room furniture comes back home.
We had it upholstered as the previous blue fabric was turning purple, seems like the sunlight sucked the life out of it.
So as soon as it´s back I'll show you a before and after picture, 
see what you think.

Today I put together:
-7 For all mankind jeans
-Calvin Klein orangy ruffly sleeveless top (gift from grandma)
-Shiny Burgundy cardigan
- Nine West burgundy booties
-Genere green watch (I've had this since high school- gift form my grandparents)
-Green jade and pearl ring from Chadwick's
-Urban Expressions tan xxl handbag

Oh! and I am wearing the Bath and Body works' Japanese Cherry Blossom splash...
I love the way it smells but, since it´s a splash it doesn´t last long, they should turn it into a perfume.

A coworker commented on my outfit this morning, she said I looked like ketchup and mustard... in a positive way... maybe I´ll have a burger for lunch.


Sheila said...

I love the orange and burgundy together - it looks great! I will have to steal that idea. :-P

Lorena said...

Thanks.... at first it looked kind of odd but by the end of the day I was loving it !