Sheila's skirt

Black vintage skirt Club Monaco - Black flats Old Navy 

Black vintage leather hand bag Paloma Picasso - Wooden bead bracelets

Leopard print button down shirt Antilia Femme - Braided head band Forever 21

 I cannot remember how many years ago, but it was quite a few - Sheila of Ephemera from Canada sent me this black skirt by Club Monaco. These days it's been outside a lot. 


Mica said...

that is a great skirt, how nice she was able to send it to you! I like the printed shirt with it :)

Hope you have a good weekend ahead of you!

Away From The Blue

Sheila said...

I am going live with a post tonight that features the silk "scarf" top that I sent to you with this black skirt (I think). I'd totally forgotten that I sent you this, Lorena - that has to have been about 8-9 years ago!

Big hugs to you for wearing it. :) You look awesome.