May Closet Editions

Shoes took a hard blow during pandemic.

These Nike purple sneakers were kind of big so I let go.
Wore them like twice.

This black and white gingham pair was actually custom made.
I should have worn them more.

Bought this fab Stradivarius blazer on sale. 
Wore it a few times but it was not the best fit,
I sold it.
This black hat was a birthday gift that was taking up space.
I never wore it, its been about 5 years since it was given to me.
I sold it.

This white shirt by Exclusive! dates to 2013,  worn at least 6 times.
It was ill fitting, buttons seemed like they would pop at 
any moment and it needed constant adjustment.

Five items this month. 


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Sheila said...

I pulled out a bunch of things recently that just were not working, including some things I'd just bought. Sigh. You would think I would be better at buying things that are more "me", but sometimes I get caught up in the "thrill of the hunt".

I feel similarly guilty about the (very expensive) dress I had custom made for my 50th birthday...that I haven't worn in 4 years!! I don't even know if it fits anymore.