March Closet Edits

I feel an urge to edit, so I have been making extra efforts. Here I go March !

Started off with a green long sleeve blouse by LuckyCom, worn at least 10 times since its purchase in 2013. The fabric seems to have spots and piling, so iff it goes. 

Burgundy flats by French Soles New York worn at least 60 times! 
Purchased for 26.75 USD in November 2016, their cost per wear was 0.44 cents.   
Zebra print heels by Berska purchased in February 2014 had a gift card so they were 4.28 USD, 
worn at least 50 times, 0.08 cents per wear!

Black scalloped flats H&M, purchased in November 2019 for 10.00 USD, I did wear them a lot during lockdown, they did not last much in the closet.
Brown flats crocodile H, purchased in Nicaragua a few years ago, these were worn mostly indoors. 

Black slides Nine West, wore them twice and they fell apart. 
Green cardigan 525 America worn at least 15 times.

Jeans stretched fabric.
St Johns Bay white tee shirt stained.


A jean button shirt by Tommy Hilfiger that has been around since at least 2010, 
worn at least 10 times, I sold it with a profit. It was snug.

I got this retro skirt, Da Moda brand some time around 2011, worn 3 times in 10 years, 
sold it for the same amount of money I bought it for. 

Brown pencil skirt New York and Co.  has been around since at least 2010 worn at
 least 9 times 
in 10 years. Sold the skirt for a profit :) 

Brown khaki turtle neck sweater Cortefiel purchased in November 2017 for 9.10 USD, worn at least 4 times, it began to pile and stretch but I was able to sell it. 

Houndstooth print button shirt vintage Abbie Mags worn 5 times, purchased in 2014 for 4.45 USD, sold with a profit :)

Carla Lotti tweed blue blazer worn 3 times and sold it with a profit. 
White shirt with bow Pink Philosophy, also sold with a profit. 

16 items edited. 

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Sheila said...

Well done, Lorena! It feels good to move those less-than-perfect things out, doesn't it? More room for shopping and new things, and I hope you're able to shop again, soon if not now. :)