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NYDJ Not Your Daughter's Jeans - Pink horse bit loafers - White button shirt - Céline vintage hand bag

Vintage pearl bracelet

I had not picked up a book and actually read all the way to the end... in years. Mea culpa.

This year when I began packing to move I came across a lot of books I had not even removed the plastic from. 

So I said that this year I'd be reading a book a month, or at least I would try.

I read one in January and another in February. Let's see how March goes.


Sheila said...

Good for you, Lorena! I'm a big reader, and always have 2-3 on the go.

Lovely scarf.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Way to go, Lorena!

I'm a huge bookworm and rarely have less than 3 - 4+ books on the go at once.

Growing up, I would have moved into our town's library, if such were possible, and still love to visit local libraries and those in cities we visit.

There are a lot of things I often put on hold or don't get to in a given day, but on all but the busiest or roughest days, I strive to read for at least an hour a day. It's a joy, a comfort, and a great way to learn (I primarily read nonfiction books) that means so much to my existence.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

Anonymous said...

Very chic outfit! Lise