This white blazer

Black wide leg trousers Zara 

Black heels Spain 

White blazer My Michelle 

Black vintage hand bag Paloma Picasso 

I remember purchasing this blazer in Washington DC, it seems like ages now, at least ten years. 

I always had a difficult time wearing it, first since its so crisp white I was afraid of staining it, which now that I think of it is totally idiotic as I don't ruin clothing. I also found it hard to style, so I saw myself wear it almost the same way all the time. It was a love-hate relationship. 

I took it with me on several trips, Chile, Argentina, Colombia...

Particularly in Chile I recall wearing while conducting a training, one of my first, and remember having a very tough crowd and a rude guy. 

Anyhow, today was its last wear, it's off to another closet as it's been sold. 




Mica said...

I think that is such a nice and classic jacket on you, but do agree if it's not something you reach for and enjoy wearing it's best to let it go :)

Away From Blue

backinstyle said...

I like this jacket on you, but feeling good in what you wear comes first! I can relate to having an unhappy experience in an outfit and just not wanting to wear it again. Enjoy your week!

Sheila said...

Even associating it with that rough training session would be reason enough to get rid of it. I'm not a fan of the shiny pure white. I hope you got a good profit!

Witchcrafted Life said...

You styled it gorgeous and with your telltale eye for elegance, my sweet friend.

I'm sorry that it was connected to a highly unpleasant memory. I often struggle to hold onto clothing when the same rings true, almost regardless of how much I may adore a given garment. Many is the time I've donated or sold something that I wore during a challenging/stressful/painful experience.

Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life